EV Charging

During Q3 2018, BergN AS ventured into the EV Charging market. The decision to do this was based upon the feedback from our customers and the uniqe contact we had established with them as a sales company. Since so many housing cooperatives already had invited our clients into their buildings, we figured that we could use this to also sell other goods and services.

This assumption was correct and we quickly discovered that the demand for EV charging systems was huge in Norway. In the span of a couple of months, we had agreements with eleven electrical contractors. For these clients, we started booking inpections of properties with the purpose of giving the interested housing cooperatives offers for installation of EV chargers.

As of April 1st, we have delivered 195 offers to housing cooperatives in Norway for installation of EV chargers totalling many tens of millions in value.

Until now, we have not cared about what kind of EV chargers our clients install. As long as we know that our clients do good work and carry high quality systems, we can sell it.

The purpose of the discussions we have had with Espen and Sergey at EnelX, is to see if we have a common interest in working together in the Nordic markets. If we were to come to an agreement, we would only sell EV chargers on behalf of clients who carry chargers from EnelX/emotorworks.

For emotorworks, the way you do business will not change. BergN will work to assemble electrical contractors in the Nordic countries. We will offer them access to the Nordic markets in form of a full scale sales organization. The contractors will only pay BergN if/when we make sales on behalf of them. When we make a sale, they will buy the EV chargers from whichever company you sign as importer of the Juice Box charging stations in the markets we work in. The electrical contractors will be the ones who invoice the customers and who handle installation, service and warranties.

We believe that our way of working represents a unique opportunity for a manufactorer of EV charging stations to take huge parts of the Nordic markets. If we had an exclusivity agreement with for example emotorworks, we would only offer our services to companies who carry Juice Box. If they don`t do it when we speak to them, we will put them in contact with the importer and help them carry your products. Presented with an opportunity to get access to a full scale sales organization who they only have to pay when they get orders, combined with the fact that the price point of the Juice Box charging stations make them very attractive, why would the electrical contractors choose another brand? As long as the Juice Box charging stations provide their users with everything a housing cooperative wants, expects and needs from a charging system, we see no reason as to why they would not choose to work with us.

During our time selling EV charging stations in Norway, we have learned a lot. One of the most important lessons we have learned, is how an offer for EV charging stations should look like and what it should include. This, and a lot of other valuable lessons we have learned, have given us a very specific knowledge of the market for EV charging stations. This knowledges makes it possible for us to be confident that we are very ready to enter new markets and spread Juice Box charging stations throughout the Nordic countries.