Business Model

Our business model has been developed and refined since we started working with housing cooperatives as the target audience for our clients. Our goal is not to change the relationship between the service providers (our clients) and their customers. What we are doing is changing the way the sales process is done in a disruptive way.

We initiate the sales process by making first contact with decision makers in housing cooperatives. We brief them on the goods and services our clients provide and, if they are interested, arrange for an inspection on their properties. This inspection is done by our clients, who are the experts in these areas. When these inspections are done, our client writes an offer based on the customers needs. We deliver this offer to the customer and guide them through the sales process.

If the customer accepts the offer, we get a written confirmation from them. We then deliver the customer back to our client, who works out a plan of when and how the work will be done. Our client owns the customer and is the party who collects the agreed upon sum for the work that is to be done. We charge our client a percentage of the sale, and will never charge the customer for anything.

The idea behind this way of organizing the sales process, is to put our clients in a position where they are able to focus on what they are really good at. We handle the sales process, giving them the opportunity to focus on their areas of expertise.